Jan 30 2011

NXC word-wrapping v0.5

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Not really having done anything on my NXT-RPG game in a half year, I have now finally fixed some bugs in the word-wrapping code.

Word wrapping.nxc – version 0.5

Summery: Draws a text string on the NXT display, but will continue on the next line if the string is too long. This is done without breaking a word into two halves, it only breaks the string at spaces, preventing awkward looking text. Tabs are also handled correctly.
A custom made ricfont with variable width is used. The font is 8 pixels high (7px above the baseline, 1px beneath) and have a default width of 5 pixels.

Requirements: Enhanced firmware 1.28 (because of FontTextOut()) and the file “ASCII_7px.ric” present on the NXT.

Changes in this version

I had left a rather serious bug in the previous version which caused it to frequently break the string at wrong places.

The most significant change is the speed. I have optimized it in a few places which results the example string (in the screenshot) now only takes 76 msec to compile and render where it preciously took 109 msec. An improvement of about ~30% and the method to archive this was nothing special. I manually converted to if and one for statements at crucial places to NBC code instead of letting the NXC compiler do it. It is not an assembler optimization, I just do want the compiler should have done but fails to do properly (in terms of efficiency).
30% slower because of bad compilation… -__-

Update – v0.5.1

A few extra optimizations…

Speedtest: 62 ms


NXC source v0.5.1

Font file

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