May 22 2011

RICcreator released

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Currently there is only one real editor to use with the Lego Mindstorms RIC format, nxtRICedit v2 by Andreas Dreier. All other editors, including Lego’s own, only edits the sprite while the format is actually much more advanced than this.

There are a few issues with nxtRICedit though and this made me to try writing my own editor; RICcreator is the result of this attempt. (currently in development)

There are a few clear goals with this project:

  • Cross-platform,it  should work on Mac, Linux and Windows.
  • Open-Source, so it is easier to incorporate the format in other applications or continue to improve the program even if the original developer loses interest.
  • The user must be able to do everything the format supports.
  • It should support John Hansen’s additions to the format.
  • The program window must be resizable.
  • It should make the creation of RIC fonts easier.

RICcreator is available through SourceForge here:

The program is written in C++ using QT for the GUI. The code that handles the RIC format is kept separate and does not use QT in any way which should make it easier to reuse it.

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