Jul 10 2011


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An old project of mine, from before I got my NXT 2.0 kit. From about 2.5 years ago iirc.

Old description from HDD:

A robot which can write on a computer by pressing the keys on the keyboard.

My original goals

To become more used to make building instructions.
Making it to work on multiple keyboards so it isn’t specific for a single keyboard/working condition.

Making programs that can be modified easily to perform similar tasks.

Making simple and strong constructions.

Never made building instructions…

Should work on multiple keyboard, but remains untested…

Program works by using coordinates, nothing like the “modifiable” program I wanted…

Most of the construction was simple enough though.


The program was made in NQC since it would most likely fail in RIS…

By using the rotation sensors, the motors worked like servos changing speed/precision depending on distance.

Keys were found by using manual entered coordinates…

By using some functions in Windows which are normally for people which have trouble using the keyboard, you can activate a function to press keyboard shortcuts one key at a time. This can be done with shift and uppercase letters so caps lock isn’t needed and furthermore it could be used to control many Windows features directly from the keyboard.

Still, I didn’t continue that far…


The frame was made simple, long, and strong. The long beams are made of both studded and studless bricks to reinforce each other. So even if the span is over 30 cm, they don’t bend that much.

Wheels are used instead of gearracks on the frame and this works okay…


LDraw file can be found on my brickshelf: Keywriter folder

Photos from while I was constructing it can be found this this folder.

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