Aug 28 2011

WebFileFixer 0.1

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Have you ever experienced your downloaded files looking like this: %5BUTW%5D_Kamisama_no_Memochou_-_04_%5Bh264-720p%5D%5B204E5F71%5D.mkv

I have and it have started to become annoying. ‘[‘ getting replaced by ‘ %5B’ happens rather rarely, however I hate how spaces are replaced by underscores all the time. Renaming the files manually is even more annoying so I made a program to do this.

Drag and drop files into the program and click “Rename!”. (If a file is open or otherwise locked, it will currently just silently fail.) If you drop a folder, it will rename the folder, not its contents.

Use the check-boxes to turn conversions on and off. Conversions are done in the same order as the check-boxes, so if you turn “Convert spaces to underscores” remember to turn “Convert underscores to spaces” off. ; )

Should work on all platforms supported by QT.

Download: version 0.1 – win32 + sourceĀ 

Aug 12 2011

Planned features for RICcreator

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A great trip to Ireland has ended, a trip without my computers, music and anime. However not being completely able to detach myself from everyday life I found some paper and a pen and compiled a list of features I want to add in RICcreator.

So while not complete and subject to change, here is the most important features to be done:

Features to be done before Alpha release:

  • VarMaps must be editable. I cannot drag this out any longer, so I will go with an interface similar to what is found in nxtRICedit. The entries will use the left part of the screen, with the graphical view on the right. (Graphical view will automatically swap x-y axis depending on the available screen area.) Graphical view might first be added in Beta though.
  • Polygon will also be added in a similar way as VarMaps, just with a different graphical view.
  • RICScript import/export support.
  • Export an open file as a C/NXC header file.
  • Support parsing a RIC file from a byte stream internally. This will improve Windows Shell integration and will make it easy to include GraphicArrayOut() in nxtCanvas.
  • Embed default font in EXE instead of require it to be located in the folder. When the two previous features are added, this will be a piece of cake.
  • Improve command-line interface. Support opening several files at once and make it possible to convert files from one format to another.

Features to be done before Beta release:

  • Change preferences dialog (and make preferences global internally).
  • Allow graphically editing Point/Line/Rectangle/… objects like in nxtRICedit.
  • Visual hints in Copybits object, similar to nxtRICedit.
  • Drag-n-drop in the object list widget to move them.
  • Copy and paste
  • Edit history, undo and redo
  • Simple/beginner mode which just shows a nxtCanvasWidget and then manages the Sprite and Copybits element in the background.
  • RIC font edit mode to simplify RIC font creation.
  • Remember recently opened files.
  • Check for updates. (Automatic vs. manually?)
  • Remember RIC parameters.
  • Upload and Download RIC files directly to the NXT.

Any suggestions are welcome.

I have added Trac to the SourceForge project page which I intend to use as a bug tracker instead. The reason for this is because in includes a nice Roadmap page where you can add Milestones. I will try to issue tickets for the features which needs to be done and bugs which needs to be fixed and then add them to the Milestones. It should work as a good TODO list if I remember to use it. I will properly close the old bug tracker when I add a few more tickets to Trac.