Aug 28 2011

WebFileFixer 0.1

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Have you ever experienced your downloaded files looking like this: %5BUTW%5D_Kamisama_no_Memochou_-_04_%5Bh264-720p%5D%5B204E5F71%5D.mkv

I have and it have started to become annoying. ‘[‘ getting replaced by ‘ %5B’ happens rather rarely, however I hate how spaces are replaced by underscores all the time. Renaming the files manually is even more annoying so I made a program to do this.

Drag and drop files into the program and click “Rename!”. (If a file is open or otherwise locked, it will currently just silently fail.) If you drop a folder, it will rename the folder, not its contents.

Use the check-boxes to turn conversions on and off. Conversions are done in the same order as the check-boxes, so if you turn “Convert spaces to underscores” remember to turn “Convert underscores to spaces” off. ; )

Should work on all platforms supported by QT.

Download: version 0.1 – win32 + sourceĀ 

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  1. muntoo says:

    I don’t download files very much, other than installers. I don’t experience this issue (the pain, anyways), but I realize to a others, this will be a valuable tool. :)

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