Oct 17 2011

Simple editor in RICcreator

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To show a nxtCanvas in QT I made a custom widget called nxtCanvasWidget. nxtCanvasWidget implements everything needed to view, move and edit nxtCanvas. However to add scroolbars I had to create another widget, which is named nxtCanvasWidgetContainer and which contains a nxtCanvasWidget. However it does not include the interface needed to do editing, so another widget called spriteValue is used which includes nxtCanvasWidgetContainer.

To simplify this, I merged nxtCanvasWidgetContainer and spriteValue. In the process I also tried to improve the edit interface.

While far from perfect, it is a bit better than before in my opinion. (I just noticed that the scrollbars have stopped working and probably have been for quite some time. I just love the scroll wheel I guess.)

I have also finally resized the icons, this makes them look quite a bit better than before. I’m still missing icons for bucket fill and crop though.

However now that the editor interface is done and that adding a sprite editor is simplified, I added another editor as visible above. It simply hides everything else than the nxtCanvas.

Editors can be changed with the “View” menu, I have also added a RIC font editor there, but it is not implemented anyway in case you are wondering.

In order to change to the simple editor, a RIC file must be “simple” too. That is, it must only contain one Sprite, one CopyBits (which refers to the sprite) and may have an optional Options element as the first element.


RICcreator rev. 139 – win32.zip (The advanced editor’s tool bar disappears if you change between simple and advanced editor, I think that I’m trying to use QT incorrectly here… Or it might just be a bug…)

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