Jan 30 2012

Linear 4-finger grabber

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I originally made this design for a small scale pneumatic robotic arm which included a multiplexed pneumatic control station. I here present you a revamped version of it:
Photo of grabber

LDraw file

This design works with both with pneumatics and linear accumulators. The tubing will be a bit tight for the pneumatic version, but if you are worried you can just remove the axle which is in the way. It might also work with the small pneumatic piston which would create a very compact design however I don’t have one of those so I can’t try it out.

In the design each finger is a section of its own and every section is completely the same, just rotated 90 degrees each. I like it as it is something I rarely see in Technic models; mirroring is quite common however rotating is much less seen.

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4 Responses to “Linear 4-finger grabber”

  1. Andrey says:


  2. Spiller says:

    I have added the LDraw file, you can use that to get the basic idea of how it needs to be assembled. It is not as complete as the image above, but it contains the important parts.
    You should get a proper LDraw editor to inspect it properly, but as a jump start I have added a 3D viewer of it here: http://webldraw.spillerrec.dk/

  3. renanda tribowo says:

    what material is needed to make such a robot arm?

    • Spiller says:

      The material choice depends on your application, if you do not have any specific application in mind any material should do. Wood, plastic, or metal should all be fine choices so pick one you are confident working with.

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