Feb 16 2013

Headphone stand

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The wires on my headphones kept breaking, so I decided to buy a set of wireless ones. The I bought the Sennheiser RS 160 which uses a portable transmitter, instead of the larger stationary RS 170. However the RS 170 transmitter duals as a headphone stand (and charger) and I would like to have some way of safely storing my headphones, so I built a stand in Lego Technics.

I had two ambitions, to make it look a bit more fancy than what I usually build and to mainly use pieces that I rarely use (as otherwise I would probably disassemble it if I needed them). When I noticed that large box with angled beams I never use, it seemed perfect for this.

Headphone stand made with Lego Technics

In the end it just became two plates with 4 straight beams built using angled beams, but I still think it gives it a nice touch.

The beams are not locked and are free to move, which should make the stand very unstable, however it is not. Partially because of the friction pins, but mainly because the beams are each placed at a slightly different angles than the others. So when the top plate wants to move in one direction, one of the beams will restrict this movement as the angle is slightly off. It is not perfect, but as long as you are not rough with it, it stands.

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