Feb 19 2017


Category: Lego,TechnicsSpiller @ 02:58

I was looking through my Lego folders and found this 5 years old creation. I don’t quite remember why I made this, but it was probably to improve my earlier large turntable design to 8 wheels instead of 4. The small Technic turntables just aren’t strong enough to balance a huge construction, so using wheels was a good and simple solution.

It is a rotating design where all 8 wheels are powered. I quite like it, but since the 42055 Bucket Wheel Excavator introduced the perfect part for large turntables (and quite a few of them) I will probably use that in the future. (And that was an amazing set, especially at 50 % off.)

Of some reason I though of making a rotating cake plate would be funny, so I added a flat top and this ended up being the result.