Jan 21 2011

Projects plan

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An overview of the projects I’m working on, what I’m planning to do and what I did in the past.

Active projects


Automatic stitching of anime screen shots

Blog posts: posts tagged with Overmix

Progress: Active development, currently researching super-resolution, in order to improve sub-pixel alignment/rendering. Also researching more advanced stitching methods, such as logo/credits removal and animations.

Source: Github


Progress: Fully usable

Future: I’m now porting it to C++, because PHP can’t handle concurrency and it is causing issues. Prof of concept done. Focus is on improved performance, and my ambitions are to better bind several different boorus together and to make a local library of images.

Source: BitBucket



The goal is to create an archive format for manga based on ZIP and to integrate it with the file browser. The proposal is to embed meta-data about author, title, translators, etc. so it is possible to sort and search more easily. Currently all this is stored in the folder name and everyone have their own way of doing it, which makes it bothersome to work with.


Progress: Initial draft of format and implementation. Early Windows shell and Qt5 integration, Qt5 editior in progress.



Simple image viewer, currently based on Qt´s image framework.

Progress: Fully usable

Source: Github


A file editor for .ric files, a graphics format used by the LEGO Mindstorms standard firmware for use on the NXT.

Progress: Fully usable, currently in maintenance mode

Blog posts: posts tagged with RICcreator

Website: SourceForge

Stalled projects

6wd with double rack-and-pinion steering

This is a Lego Mindstorms project which goal is to create an all wheel drive 6 wheeled car. It will have pendular suspension. More info can be found on the Mindboards forums. Currently stalled on the programming…


This is a RPG game for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT. The focus is in placing as much as possible in data files, to provide a flexible platform to create RPG games. This is also an experiment to push the possibilities with NXC and the NXT.

The project is currently stalled, work will be resumed when I have more time.


Progress: early planning and development

Thread on ThirdStyle: DDR game

Future projects?

Lego NXT language for the standard firmware

Try to create a language which closely represent the ideas in the Lego NXT firmware, in order to make it possible to efficiently write programs. Furthermore, it should optimize memory storage by detecting which variables can safely be shared between functions.

Project ideas

Image/file manager for advanced organization

My interest in anime and the sort has accounted in a large collection of images and movies. My image folder now counts over 80,000 files and even tough it is nicely organized in folders, keeping track of specific images can be almost impossible as some might belong in multiple folders which they can’t. Tags is a major key for solving this issue however several other methods, like describing how files relate to each other, are necessary too.

As no proper tool for this exists for normal desktop environments, I would like to do it myself tough I not sure if I will get the time to work on such a large project.

Update: I have made a quick implementation in PHP and MySQL as a high school exam project in Computer Science.

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